Husstainability was founded in 2016 and offers insightful educations, workshops (so-called Impact Lab), inspirational lectures and strategic PR/communication advice on how businesses can work more sustainable and make it profitable to work carefully within the natural planetary boundaries.

The profit will be a stronger brand, higher trust and more motivated employees.

"You create real business value first when you minimize the damage to the planet"

Erik Huss
Founder and CEO

Erik Huss has 25 years of experience in science communication, PR, education, research in extreme environments and sustainability science. Erik has a background as a geographer, glaciologist and journalist. He has a broad view of sustainable communication from his experience in leading positions in advertising and marketing within international research on global environmental issues. Erik has been head of media for the Nobel Prizes at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and as an expert in Bonnier's Encyclopedia, Erik has written 450 articles in his area.

Erik has a military leadership training (UGL) and has carried out successful change processes at several of his positions and has driven brand processes that have been nominated for the Swedish Design Awards. As a leader, Erik is driven by the fact that employees working together in a team can reach far beyond what anyone can do alone. The future lies in finding solutions and strengths in people.

During his many years of field work, from desert studies in the Sahara to research expeditions in northern Lapland and Antarctica with focus on glaciology and climate science, Erik has gained insight into how much human society affects the planet. This insight must be quickly introduced into business so that we stay within the limits of what the planet can handle in a responsible manner.

Emma Rehnberg Jensen
Deputy Executive Director

Emma is originally from Denmark, and moved to Gothenburg in 2007. Before her degree, Emma went on some adventures a few years, among other things, she sailed across the Atlantic in 2016. During her studies she was appointed for an internship abroad in Argentina with Framtidsjorden (The Future Earth).

Today Emma lives in Stockholm, and in 2021 she took a degree in Environmental Science from Södertörn University. During her studies, Emma did an internship at the think tank Fores, where she worked on the book "Planned obsolescence – built not to last". During the autumn of 2021 Emma was appointed by Aktuell Hållbarhet as one of Sweden's 33 young sustainability talents. She is extra skilled in areas such as social sustainability and climate impact of the food industry.

Emma started as Deputy Executive Director of Husstainability on January 1, 2022.