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Through analysis, training, workshops, inspiration, PR support & advising, companies learn to work more responsibly to become more profitable to work more sustainable.



Husstainability engages in activities that strive for a better world, and work for sustainable business models. Read and get inspired by the different collaborations.


Husstainability only selects customers whose ambition is to minimize their impact on the planet, while maximizing business benefit.

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About Husstainability

Husstainability was founded in the summer of 2016 by Erik Huss. The company is based on an entire professional life's experience in environmental research, journalism, adventure, marketing communication and leadership.

Through analysis, education, workshops, inspiration and PR companies and organizations learn how to run a more responsible business where it becomes profitable to work with nature – not against. The gain will be a stronger brand, higher confidence at the market and more motivated employees.